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"Commited to making a difference through the singing of  songs and telling of stories in Central Texas"

Texas Heritage Music Foundation (THMF) is very excited to be introducing, nurturing, and supporting Texas artists and music lovers alike.  We are humbled by the gracious support of our community, friends, and our amazing musicians!

The Music Connection offers the healing power of music to residents of care facilities. This program provides monthly interactive musical programming conducted by professional artists to seniors in the Texas Hill Country. 

The 290 Texas House Concert Series, which provides intimate house concerts to members, has some wonderful changes in store. Part of the money we raise from membership dues will now provide additional funding for the Nursing Home Program, allowing seniors to enjoy live music in our many care facilities. 

The Bard Project is a crucial component of our mission to provide free educational programming for area school children and youth at-risk. We plan to continue to entertain and educate
students and teachers with the gift of music.



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