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Texas Heritage Music Foundation was founded in 1987 by Kathleen Hudson, Ph.D., to preserve and
perpetuate the traditions of Texas music, to examine the background of Texas music, to trace influences
and patterns in Texas music, to document the role Texas music has played in society, and to provide free educational programming to the Texas community.

Over the years, the foundation has grown far beyond its initial goals of research and documentation to
initiate and sustain a wide variety of community service programs whose goal is to enrich the lives of
communities in Texas with the gift of music.


  • 1987: Dr. Kathleen Hudson founds the non-profit Texas Heritage Music Foundation (THMF) to address the principal belief that music and storytelling can bring together a culturally and ethnically diverse community.  THMF began producing free community programs such as the annual Jimmie Rodgers Jubilee and monthly Coffeehouse concerts at Schreiner University.


  • 1993: The Wayne Kennemer Scholarship Fund is established.


  • 1996: Merle Haggard performs at Kennemer Scholarship fundraiser.


  • 1997: The Jimmie Rodgers Jubilee was renamed Texas Heritage Living History Day (LHD).


  • 1997: Willie Nelson and Little Joe y la Familia perform at Kennemer Scholarship fundraiser


  • 2000: THMF began offering subsidized transportation grants to area schools through its Transportation Assistance Grant (TAG) Program. Funded by a grant from the Cailloux Foundation in Kerrville.


  • 2001: Texas Heritage Living History Day expands to three days; THMF begins its educational outreach program, The Bard Project. A Peterson Foundation grant funded this.


  • 2004: THMF presents Summer Arts Program for At Risk Youth to provide Kerr County youth at risk with opportunities to develop creativity, learn the tools of communication and create multiple solutions to problems. A Webber Foundation grant.  Settled into our permanent office on Schreiner University campus in July.


  • 2008: THMF-executive produced 10-part radio documentary series, Whole Lotta Shakin’, receives 2007 George Foster Peabody Award for Excellence in Electronic Media (Radio).


  • 2010: The Texas Heritage Living History Day was renamed Texas Heritage Music Day.


  • 2012: Silver Jubilee, expanded Bard into San Antonio with Elizabeth Huth Coates grant. Silver Jubilee songwriting workshop with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Silver Jubilee House concert with Eric Taylor, Expanded Texas Heritage Music Days including concert with Terri and Lloyd, Schreiner Dean’s grant includes work at THMF as well as intern programs and work/study.


  • 2013: The Music Connection (Music at VA and Nursing homes) is started. Grants from both the Community and Peterson Foundation made this program possible.


  • 2017: 30th Anniversary Documentary of Hill Country Voices.

  • 2018: Donated all archives to Schreiner University

2019 BoarD

Art Crawford
Vice President
Connie Eckhardt
Janice Ballard
Sue Schwethelm
Paul Sumrall
Jeff Bradberry
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