Our 290 Texas House Concert Series showcases Texas musicians in a true salon fashion. House concert attendance is Membership driven with guests attending by invitation only.  These events are generally held in a member’s home or backyard, providing an intimate setting to enjoy live music and conversation with a Texas musician.

Events begin with a friendly social prior to the house concert where you can chat with the artist and meet other music lovers. The social hour is potluck style where each person brings a snack to share and beverage of their choosing.

We believe that house concerts are among the best ways to enjoy Texas music. To provide compensation to the artists, the program is funded by through Membership in the 290 Texas House Concert Series.


We are ramping up for our 2021 Membership Season!!  JOIN NOW and enjoy the rest of the 2020 season on us!! Memberships are available at a cost of $200 per person for the upcoming season.  Please Contact Us to get more information or join by selecting our MEMBERSHIP tab. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Attendance for One Person for all 2020 House Concerts in the Johnson City area

  • Bring guests for free as space is available, though we ask all guests to tip our musicians

  • Priority, Space Available Reservations for non-member guests

  • Automatically become a member of Texas Heritage Music Foundation

  • Enjoy our membership appreciation events throughout the year


You may send your membership dues payable to Texas Heritage Music Foundation, PO Box 445, Johnson City TX 78636 - be sure to include 290 Texas 2019 on your memo line or select our MEMBERSHIP tab to pay by credit card. 


Our 2020 ONLINE Season!

Click any past performance to view it.  Click any performance to watch life as it premieres.  

During this time of COVID19, in an effort to keep our programming alive and our musicians performing, 290 Texas has transitioned it's monthly House Concert Series into a weekly ONLINE Premiere platform, with the potential to reach a larger audience and provide income to a greater number of musicians.  

Our 2020 LIVE Season!

Previous performers include:

Mayeux & Broussard, Bett Butler & Jel Dilley, Wldon Henson, Jaimee Harris, Colin Gilmore, Devin Jake, Jeff Plankenhorn, Jeff Lofton, Hip Shakin Mama, Jackie Venson, Luke Redfield, Josh Murley, Malford Milligan, Willow City, Will Owen Gage, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Shelley King, John Andrew Parks, Tish Hinojosa, Josh & Kristi Grider, Oliver Rajamani, Non John, Ghosts of the American Road, Soul Track Mind, Johnny Nicholas, Patricia Vonne, Tommy Elskes, Eric Taylor, Nathan Hamilton, Lex Land, Curtis McMurtry, Betty Soo, Red & Sylvie Young, Mike Blakely, John Arthur Martinez, Hogan & Moss, Shoulders, Max Zimmet Band, Donovan Keith, Art & Lisa, Staehely Brothers, Luis Ibanez Band, Susan Gibson,  Hardened & Tempered, Courtney Cox & Suburban Beat, Mayeux & Broussard, Rachel Laven  / Nathan Evans Fox, Jesse Stratton Band, Mike Blakely, Patricia Vonne, American Dreamer, Barbara Nesbitt